Saturday, 31 December 2016

In December, We Remember

I know what you're thinking: It's in November we remember. Ah yes, but this is a different kind of remembering.

It was November of 2000 when my husband of 4 years decided our marriage was over. It was December when I decided it was over for the last time. That Christmas and New Year were the worst holiday season of my life. Still, somehow, they were also the best. That was the year I felt the winds of change blow in on angels' wings of strength, and knew life was going to get better.

Fast forward one year: a ring twinkling in the lights of the tree and a man on one knee who wanted to do life with me and all of our children. Together. It was the kind of bravery that bordered on insanity. Suddenly, I wasn't sure which of us was facing the bigger challenge ... but I knew that having each other for support could hardly be a bad idea! So the proposal was accepted, and the adventure began.

So it is that in December, my husband and I remember. We think about where we started, and how far we've come. This year is a very special landmark for us. This year, we celebrate three of our original four hatchlings being grown and flown. It is overwhelming to look at our now-adult children and breathe a sigh of proud relief.

We did it. We took a group of children into the eye of the storm. We stood only with a wing and a prayer, and we staked our claim to a healthy, successful family. Today we stand on our island knowing there can be no rougher seas than we've already sailed together. And it's good. It's all good.

There are a few more landmarks to reach yet. We have one little sailor to raise, and one "man overboard" to get back on deck. But we will. Together. But for this year, we raise our glasses in a toast: we turned out to be a dream team.

Happy New Year, Mr. Wonderful. I would swab that poop deck all over again if it meant I got you as a first mate again. ;-)

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