Tuesday, 19 December 2017


I am brushing my teeth in the morning when little feet come thundering around the corner. The tousle-headed owner pauses briefly to hug my hips, then skirts around me to pee. Hugging me again as he leaves, he will find some random way to make me cry: like, "It's a good thing you have the beautiful light on, Mama, because you're beautiful. And I love you!" (The "beautiful light" is the Scentsy warmer.) I wonder how many more mornings like this I will get.

If I am dressed with my hair styled in time, I will get a few moments of cuddles in my recliner. Then it's coats and boots and out the door. We wait at the bus stop, and the favorite activity, when daylight allows, is Snapchat. I wonder how many more smiles like this I will get before he outgrows his mama.

A kiss on the lips and a play fight about "I love you mostest!" sees him on the bus and me off to work. I live all day for the moment we arrive at daycare and watch all his friends run and hide. There are shrieks of laughter as we open the door, followed by a rousing game of hide-and-seek. Hugs from my little buddy and all his friends - and kisses, if I promise to tell Santa they've been good! I wonder how many more days I can shower them all with love before they're all awkward and shy.

After supper there are games of war fought on moon sand, books to read, and  little time for video games. All are paid for in a currency of kisses or "lovin's." There will be random compliments on my beautiful necklace or my hair or my shirt. And when bedtime comes, my presence is a must. Each night I make him list 3 things for which he is thankful; each night includes some version of his wonderful parents, a mama who loves him, or something very similar. And the day ends with his head or his feet touching me. And I wonder ... how many more?

He may outgrow my hands, my lap, or my bed. But he'll never outgrow the corner of my heart. I look forward to all the future holds for this kid and his sweet, goofy friends. 💞

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